Camping 4 étoiles en Aveyron Lac de Pareloup - Beau Rivage
The spirit & the history of Beau Rivage
The philosophy of Camping Beau Rivage is based on the conviviality, relaxation, discovery and family spirit of a human-sized campsite in an authentic natural setting. Relaxation Recharge your batteries, relax, indulge yourself by doing what you want: solid values. Rest, peace and relaxation are part of the program. Discovery The department of Aveyron has a great diversity of natural landscapes, traditional villages and cultural treasures. We want to share this exceptional heritage and introduce you to our region, a real country in which to “live true!” Our welcome drink event will help you plan your week’s activities and allow you to meet our partners in natural and sports activities. Activities During the season, we also organise recreational and sports activities for all to enjoy, as well as themed nights for all the family. All our activities are conducive to meeting others in the convivial atmosphere of a campsite on a human scale. Environmental approach We wish to continue to preserve the quality of our environment both in terms of quality and development, keeping in mind traditions and respect for the conservation of our landscapes. For us, respect for the environment also requires know-how and life skills. The quality of life is also about pleasure, happiness and human development in the context of the culture and value system in which we live, in relation to the world around us: material and human. This perception must be reflected in the reception of clients as well as in our surroundings. We care about our environment in everything we do: swimming pool heated by a heat pump, campsite lit with energy saving bulbs, water taps with timers, waste separation into suitable containers with explicit instructions, free rubbish bags available at reception, landscaping with hedges and care of green areas of the campsite.
History of Camping Beau Rivage

Formerly a two-hectare meadow bordering the most beautiful side of the majestic Lake Pareloup, Camping Beau Rivage was established in 1976/77 by Jeanine and Louis Vermorel, masonry contractor, at the “Les Vernhes” site in the commune of Salles-Curan, in the heart of the Aveyron region, on the Lévézou plateau.
Thanks to the efforts of this family of builders and rewarded by the loyalty of their customers, camping Beau-Rivage was to quickly rise to 4-star status while keeping the family and friendly spirit that so well distinguishes this human-sized campsite with its 90 spaces. The pool and restaurant part were added in 1992, before the draining of Lake Pareloup in 1993.
After several years of working with the family, and following his parents’ retirement that in 1997, their son Vincent took over the reins of the establishment, although this was not immediately noticeable, since his founder parents remained omnipresent in the business. The first chalets and mobile homes were installed in this year.
In 1999, Camping Beau-Rivage was awarded the Camping Qualité label for the first time and has retained the award every year for more than 15 years.
In 2013, at a time of globalisation, we decided to join the group of Sites & Paysages de France campsites, which perfectly reflects our values of quality, nature, landscape and family, but above all of human-scale camping.

Today, we continue to improve and beautify the site with a deep respect for the past and a strong desire to retain the family-friendly nature of the site.

Sites et Paysages - Le-Beau-Rivage
Camping Site & Paysage Aveyron
The group Sites & Paysages
Sites & Paysages is a group created since 30 years now. This network is the leading chain of nature in France with more than 50 campsites from 3 to 5 stars « Sites & Paysages », located in the most beautiful regions of France, near the high places of our natural and cultural heritage. Its commitment to providing holidaymakers with human-sized campsites as close as possible to nature and to helping people discover the terroir and the authenticity of the regions of France won us over. This is why our campsite in the heart of L’Aveyron has been a member of the network since 2013. Thanks to Sites & Paysages, you can visit the most beautiful regions of France while enjoying a real sense of change of scenery.