Animaux et productions en Aveyron - Beau Rivage

The must-sees in Aveyron


aturday morning ( "traditional" market). Tuesday evenings in July and August, evening Market from 18.00 to 22.00. Local produce, “traditional” traders and craftsmen. The fair takes place in the centre of the village on the first Saturday of every month.

Markets and fairs


Morning: Laissac traditional market & cattle market

Evening: Salles-Curan (country market)


Morning: Arvieu (country market), Rodez (town square)

Evening: Pont-de-Salars (country market)

Morning: Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Morning: Millau (Place Foch)

Morning: Salles-Curan, St. Affrique (Place Victor Hugo), Rodez (Place de la Cité)

Morning: Villefranche-de-Panat

Micropolis la cité des insectes en Aveyron


The city of insects, is a fun and educational amusement park for the whole family, where you will discover insects and their natural environment. 20 mins away.

Reptilarium du Larzac En Aveyron

Reptilarium du Larzac

Discover a hundred reptiles from across the world. The crocodiles, boas, pythons, lizards, other exotic reptiles and their keepers welcome you for a fun and educational visit. 1 hour away.

Parc animalier de Pradinas

Animal Park at Pradinas

200 animals to discover in a natural park of 15 hectares, and the chance to meet animal movie stars. 1 hour away.

The Garden of Beasts

A zoo near Rodez. 35 mins away.

Le Saint-Hubert

Wildlife park and farmhouse-inn. About 200 wild and farm animals in semi-freedom. Guided tour and opportunity to participate in feeding of various animals. 35 mins away.

La Ferme du Lévézou

Farm tour, discover the animals, sale of farm products. 25 mins away.

La Ferme du Vialaret

La Ferme du Vialaret

Farm tour, discover the animals (angora rabbits, poultry), sale of farm products.


Ferme de découverte du Puech-Février (Ségur)

Production of sheep’s milk for the production of Roquefort cheese, sheepdog, visit, tasting.

Cave Roquefort société Aveyron

Roquefort Société

Guided tour of the cellars. Duration about 1 hour. 45 mins away.

Coopérative Fromagère Jeune Montagne

Manufacture of Laguiole cheese and Aligot. From the Buronnière tradition to the Jeune Montagne cheese cooperative, discover the history of Laguiole PDO cheese and the Aligot de l’Aubrac (tasting, direct sales shop).

Forge de Laguiole en Aveyron

Forge de Laguiole

Visit (free or guided) to the production workshops.